Leasing with Landstar

Do you want to work for Landstar – you’ll need a Hazmat endorsement. If you don’t have one, go get fingerprinted, then take your Hazmat test. Some states allow you to get tested before your fingerprints come back – which could take 3-4 weeks.

You’ll need to get a drug test, get your truck DOT inspected and take a defensive driving course. Once you do this, you’ll have 30 days for your hiring agent to send your package to the main office to get approved. If this is not done within 30 days, you’ll have to get reinspected and retake the course. The course is pretty easy but it’s time consuming. There’s a big quiz at the end of the course.

You’ll also have to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Landstar provides liability insurance and plates. The insurance is taken out from your pay – from the 35% of your load (if you use one of their trailers) But you’ll be required to pay for Physical Damage (about $150 per month) and Workers Comp.

Once they mail you the plates, you can go to orientation at a location of your choice. Then you wait to get assigned a trailer. Once you get your trailer, you can go on the load board and book your loads. Even though you’re required to have a hazmat endorsement, you’re not required to book hazmat loads.

Their orientation centers are located here: Indianapolis, Indiana; Grand Prairie, Texas; Reno, Nevada; Rockford, Illinois; Lewistown, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Florida

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