Tight Alley Dock – Busy Street

After driving 650 miles from Thompsontown, PA to Oswego, IL to deliver cabinets. I was ready to offload and head home. But first I must complete a very tricky alley dock in an atypical warehouse – one where your setup is on a busy street, with a very narrow driveway and huge rocks on each side of you.

The key is the setup and I actually pulled into the driveway before I made a hard right towards the rocks then a hard left so I’m positioned in the center of the road.

At this point, I don’t steer hard right. I steer with a slight right so that the tandems ride the curve into the driveway.

I have to keep an eye on the rocks to my left and the concrete barrier to my right. I don’t want to jack knife too hard or else I’ll run into the rocks, and I want to clear the barrier to the right. Once I back into the alley, I straighten my steers and pull forward then hard left to chase it – I keep on doing this a few times until it’s just perfect. Wish those rocks were not there so I could pull forward a bit more.

The final result – lots of obstacles to include a fire hydrant. And lots of traffic from both directions including school busses. Frankly the maneuver would be way easier if it wasn’t for the traffic. Don’t like to keep inpatient people waiting. And of course without the rocks, it would be a cake walk. Overall, this wasn’t an impossible alley dock. Just wasn’t prepared for it — google street view doesn’t show the rocks which were added by the city of Oswego to prevent trucks from driving onto the grass.